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Introduction To Real Estate Investing

If you are new to real estate investing and you are not sure where to start then this free workshop is for you. Even if you have no knowledge, money, or credit!


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    It's time to get started...

    Learn How to Become a Real Estate Investing Deal Maker Even If You Have No Knowledge and No Money!

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    If you believe a lack of knowledge and a lack of money is holding you back from getting started in real estate investing then keep reading.....

    When I started in 2003 the internet was young. After reading Rich Dad Poor Dad, I knew one truth. I would do whatever it took to escape the rat race. I refused to live a life trapped in a 9-5. Trapped into mediocrity. I looked around and saw how "average" people lived their life. My motto became "Never settle for average".  

    Endless hours were spent digging through online forums. I read books. I studied what I could. I even ordered courses to study at home. Still, I was incredibly frustrated. I spent so much time making mistakes, spinning my wheels and literally wasted years with no progress. 

    Now in 2023, I'm creating a live workshop that I wish I had when I started 20 years ago. This workshop is for those who are ready to start the journey to financial freedom in real estate but maybe you are new, maybe you don't quite know what you are doing, but you know that "average" isn't for you............

    May 20th in Chattanooga from 9 am to 5 pm at the REI Basics 101 beta event we are going to cover.....

    • The mindsets you need to be successful in real estate investing

    • The financial fundamentals you need to understand to reduce your chances of losing money to almost zero

    • What is Real Estate Investing in Simple Easy To Understand Terms

    • What are the basic strategies in Real Estate Investing and which is right for you?

    • How to Find Deals - The #1 Questions Everyone has when getting started...

    • What is an Offer and how to write one so there is No Risk for you

    • How to Fund Your Deals - *Hint it doesn't take your own money to make money*

    • Contract to Close - Don't stumble to the finish line. We'll cover in detail how to get from offer to closing 

      • So you are probably wondering what the cost is for the event.... 

        Because its a beta test event I'm going to offer a no-brainer risk free deal. Pay $1 to hold your spot today. At the end of the event, ONLY if you found the content useful you'll be charged an additional $97.

        That's not a typo. You'll only pay a total of $98 for an entire full day seminar plus an additional 3 Zoom Group Coaching calls after the event!

        But if decide this event wasn't for you and wasn't worthwhile your only out $1. 

        I will never charge this low low price for this event ever again. This isn't a scarcity tactic. It's the truth. So don't wait!

        Pay Only $1 Right Now To Hold Your Spot.....
        • Special Note: I can only offer such a discounted price to a limited number of people. Access is limited to a max of 15 attendees. After that the checkout page will come down.

      Remember this is RISK-FREE!

      If you hate the event, think the content isn't valuable, or for any other reason you don't think this event was worth $98 you are only out $1.


    • What is a Beta Test Event?

    • A beta event is test run of a course/event that is preparing for a full launch soon. This lets me teach a full days event, test out the content, material, and lets me know if I need to revise or change anything. The benefit to attending this event is you are paying a fraction of what this course will retail for going forward. 

      • Why are spots limited to only 15 people?

      • 15 or less people allows me to get better feedback and work more closely with those in attendance. In addition, I can only offer such a discounted price to a limited number of people.

    • How much is the REI Basics 101 live beta event?

    • It's $1 to hold your spot. At the end of the seminar you will be charged an additional $97 but ONLY if you found the course worth it. If you did not find the beta course live event useful or worth the extra $97 then you will only be charged the $1 holding fee you already paid. I intend to retail this course for $497 in the regular marketplace. The lowest I will ever discount it to will be $197.

    • Is there any other stipulations?

    • The only stipulation to attending this event is if you did find it worthwhile that after the event I can grab a quick testimonial. 

    • When and Where is this event?

    • Location is TBD. The date is May 20th from 9 am - 5 pm. I need a minimum of 5 RSVP's to make this event happen and cover cost.

    Who is Leading This Event?

    Shane Wilson is a real estate broker, property manager, and a real estate investor with over 20 years of real estate investing experience. Shane has renovated well over 50 properties, assigned/wholesale deals, and successfully manages rental property through his Property Management Company.

    This course is for those are brand new and are looking for a basic fundamental course in how to get started in real estate investing. Even if you have no knowledge, no money, or even no credit. By the end of the course you will be ready to take action and start your path to financial freedom in real estate


    Sign up now for REI Basics 101 and pay only $1 today and after the event ONLY if you felt it was worth the value you will be charged $97.

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