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Local Real Estate Coaching From a Local Expert

If you want to invest in real estate but you don't have the knowledge, you don't have the experience, you might be afraid of making mistakes, or you don't have the contacts to make it happen, then the Real Estate Money Makers Small Group Coaching is for you....

Join REMM Small Group Coaching Now!

REMM Small Group Mastermind is the right fit for you if.....

  • You have the same #1 question of new investors - How do I find deals? If you are looking for personalized help and/or a road plan to finding good real estate investment deals then REMM Small Group Coaching might be right for you.

  • You have the #2 most common question of new investors. How do I fund my deals? If the fear of being unable to fund your deals or having no cash/credit is holding you back, REMM Small Group Coaching might be right for you.

  • You fear not knowing what to do or making a terrible financial mistake, then REMM Small Group Coaching might be right for you.

  • You want to join a like-minded community of action-takers who hold each other accountable!

  • You'd like access to someone who has been there and done that in the real estate business with over 20 years of experience.


  • Highly experienced investors may find less value. This group is geared towards newer investors looking for direction and accountability.

  • Non-Action Takers and Wall Flowers. We hold weekly meetings, plus we have a private group chat. This group isn't for you if you can't participate and take part. You don't have to attend every group meeting. We have you covered with recordings, but your path to success accelerates the more involved you become in our group.

  • Someone who believes they will have instant success. True success takes time, knowledge, and action. This is not a get-rich-quick group.

Here is what you will get in the REMM Small Group Coaching Program 

Private Group Chat with Access to ask Shane ANY and ALL questions during business hours.

If lack of knowledge or dread of making a mistake is holding you back, how would it feel to know you can message an expert when you need them and get the answer? That's what our private group chat offers you. You can ask Shane any questions unless he is in a meeting; he is usually quick to respond!

Access to Shane's library of forms and documents for Real Estate Investing

Do you want to get started but lack the forms to even make an offer? Tell Shane what form or document you need and he will either send you his template or point you in the right direction. Remember you should always verify legal documents with an attorney. Still, his stock of forms for almost any situation can help get you going!

Weekly Group Coaching Sessions with Goal Setting, Accountability, and Q&A 

Do you need someone to hold you accountable? Do you wish you had a group of like-minded individuals there to support you in your goals? Every week we hold a Zoom-style call to answer any of your questions, set our weekly group goals, hold each other accountable, and field any questions you may have. Shane will stay on the call as long as needed to answer your questions and ensure you are ready with an action plan to hit the ground running for the next week! Miss a call? No sweat. They are all recorded in the REMM Membership site for you.

Access to Shane's contacts and resources

Are you struggling to find the right lenders, contractors or other contacts to get going? Use Shane's database of contacts to get the right person for the right task. Not only that as a real estate broker if you are local in Chattanooga, Shane can help guide you with MLS data, comps, property management, and other resources to help you in all your real estate investing needs! 

Shane is a successful real estate investor, broker, property manager, and all-around real estate expert...

With over 20 years of real estate experience, Shane is creating a small group coaching program. Use his knowledge and expertise to guide you in reaching your goals. Shane can help if you want to be an agent, investor, or both.

Battle-tested and proven results

Shane has experience in almost all aspects of real estate!


Units Property Management Experience including multi-family, associations, commercial property, and more


real estate investing deals completed including rental property, wholesaling, rehabbing, seller financing, notes, and more!

$20+ Million

in Real Estate Sales as an Agent/Broker since 2015

15 years ago, I cashed in my first "Large" check in Real Estate...

But I spent 3 years in the wilderness spinning my wheels before that check ever appeared.

Back in 2002, during my last semester at UGA, a professor of mine, a grizzled former Israeli Special Forces Op Mark Gideon, recommended we read Rich Dad, Poor Dad. 

It was upon reading that book a light went off in my brain. It was a moment I'll never forget....

I realized that I didn't be an average person with a 9-5.

I didn't have to settle for "average" in my life. If I worked and took action I could achieve financial success....

I knew at that moment I would do whatever it took to become a successful real estate investor.

Day in and day out I started learning about real estate investing but we didn't have groups like this.

There wasn't YouTube. There wasn't Bigger Pockets. I learned from hole-in-the-wall internet forums, small local REIA's, and the most expensive form of learning, which was falling on my face multiple times from my failures...... 

Looking back if I had a group like the REMM Small Group Coaching program, my learning curve would have been shorter. My results would have been bigger, but most importantly. I would have avoided some catastrophic mistakes I made in my business. 

That's why I created this group to be everything I wish I had when I first started......

If you know that "Average" isn't for you and you are ready to become a real estate money maker....

Then let my Small Group Coaching Program support you in that goal and building the life you want for yourself.......

Join REMM Small Group Coaching Now!

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This program is limited to 15 members only! The checkout link will deactivate once we hit that limit.

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    This program will eventually cost $297 per month......

    But this program is just starting out....

    So I'm making an irresistibly stupid can't lose offer!

    The Big Mac Value Deal

    Maybe you don't know me very well....

    Maybe you're skeptical and unsure....

    I get it. This group is new. I'd also be on the fence if I were in your shoes.

    So I'm going to make this an easy no brainer. 

    For the next 5 Signups Only....

    You can test out and join The REMM Small Group Coaching for 2 weeks......

    For the Cost of a Big Mac Value Meal.......


     for the first 2 weeks

    Only $97

     per month after that.

    Cancel Anytime - No Contracts

    The monthly $97 is only charged if you decide the REMM Small Group Coaching is the right fit for you.

    If it isn't cancel anytime before the end of the 14-day trial and you are off the hook. 

    Let's Recap What You Are Getting With The REMM Small Group Coaching Program

    • Private Group Chat Access to a proven, experienced Real Estate Expert to ask any and all real estate questions

    • Once a week Zoom Style Group Coaching Calls

    • Access to Shane's Catalog of Forms and Document Templates

    • 20 Years of contacts and resources available to you from Shane's contact list.

    • 20 Years of Experience in Shane's Brain to help keep you from making mistakes and shorten your learning curve

    • No risk 2-week trial for only $5.99, then $97 per month after that**

    • **Limited to the next 5 signups. The monthly fee will go UP after that. So jump in now while it's still sub $100 per month. It will never be this cheap again!

    Look, this is ultimately up to you....

    If you are tired of where you have been in life and want a better financial future....

    If you are ready to make a change....

    If you know "Average" isn't for you...

    Then take that step forward and let's get started on changing your future.....

    Click the button below, and let's go!